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Harness the Power of People

There's not a technology project management challenge we can't solve with our experience, and that of our partners and candidates.

Some of Our Clients

Let us strategize and implement your IT projects through our collaborative network of partners and candidates.

We have run technology project management services for 3 decades, and have experience with some of the most well-known companies in Europe.


We offer program and operational management and support services. We are working on Walmart’s divestiture program and previously managed their offshore support services contract with over 70 operational team members.

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O2 Telefonica

We set-up and ran the transition process for large projects transitioning into business as usual operation. We improved operational processes to vastly improve fix times.



We offered process design, definition, and implementation. We set-up their new problem and incident management processes for the UK division and guided them through the resourcing requirements.



We managed the relationship between Asda, Walmart, and their key partners.

Across our technology project management services, no one will be working on your project that we don’t have first or second hand experience of. 

You can be assured that we only put forward candidates for recruitment that are experts in their field. 

You as a client can personalise your request for recruitment with as many specifications as you like. 

As we ourselves are long-practising IT consultants we can also provide you with industry expertise to make choices in your recruitment.

At DSG, we pride ourselves on acting with integrity and candor, as well as respecting the individual differences of others and embracing diversity.

We are proactive thinkers and always look for ways to improve the status quo.

We are flexible and adaptable to change, able to roll with the punches when needed.

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Our Values

Our Services

IT Project Management

IT project management is one of the most important aspects of any organization. 

A well-run technology project can save a company time and money, while a poorly-run technology project can cost a company dearly. 

An IT project manager needs to have a variety of skills, including: 

-The ability to plan and scope projects 

-The ability to manage resources and timelines 

-The ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders 

-The ability to understand and manage risk 

Digital Solutions Global is a global IT project management consultant. 

We have over 20 years of experience helping companies with their technology projects. 

IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing IT projects to a global IT project management consultant like Digital Solutions Global is an excellent idea for companies who need technology skills brought in quickly for ongoing IT work. 

The company saves money by enabling IT staff members to focus on other aspects of the business, while still maintaining its core competencies. 

Additionally, it can be difficult to find the skilled IT staff members a company needs in-house. 

IT Recruitment

IT recruitment services are an important part of any organisation's IT department. 

When it comes to hiring IT staff, it's important to find the best candidate for the job. 

That's where IT recruitment services come in. 


IT recruitment services can help you find the best candidate for the job by: 

-Interviewing potential candidates 

-Checking references 

-Providing screening and assessment services 

Digital Solutions Global IT recruitment services can help you find the best IT candidate for the job. 

We have over 20 years of experience helping organisations find the right IT staff member for their needs. 

IT Project Team Creation

As part of our bespoke project management and recruitment service, we have the ability to recruit multiple candidates for specific team roles as set out by the project.

The benefit of project specific team creation, is that for specific time-limited projects you can assign roles for the longevity of the project itself.

You can make your project implementation more efficient, and the project itself will be carried out by specialists in each role that has been defined.

Our Values (1).png
Our Values (1).png

Our Mission

At Digital Solutions Global, we aim to provide you with a bespoke experience.

Not only do we offer IT consultancy, technology project management, recruitment, and IT outsourcing, but we also offer these as a package service.

Your project will be scoped and defined before a strategy or plan is laid out.

We can then recruit for the team or individual recruited to carry this out.

As we know the project inside and out by this point we can appoint the best candidate/candidates for the job.

We have seen how this strategy works with the clients we have had through the years, and how effective and time-saving it is to get all these jobs done by one expert team.

We stick to the projects and people that we know.

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