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We have the battle scars of owning our own businesses

IT experts that own non-IT companies

This is what you get when you choose Digital Solutions Global

There are some great IT experts and companies that offer a great service. We are one of those companies but, we also feel your pain. 

In addition to our IT consultancy we own and operate a bakery and cafe chain employing over 40 people. During our ownership it has doubled its turnover and become much more profitable. This hasn't been easy and we've made mistakes but, we have learnt from those mistakes and grown stronger. The growth of the business has been driven by recruiting the right people, improved data (understanding our customers & operations) and implementing systems that highlight the areas of cost savings and efficiencies. 

We have worked on IT projects from some of the worlds biggest corporations alongside medium companies in the UK so, we have an understanding of technical and business challenges for all sized enterprises. 

Not many IT businesses can boast that background and we're bloody proud of it too...

Parallel Lines

Our Values


Think of us as your IT doctor. We have a great bedside manner and we don't share your information. 


No nonsense

We are diplomatic, friendly and direct. You will know what we mean and there is no technical jargon with concepts articulated clearly in plain english. If we make a mistake, we own up to it and resolve it and we ask the same from our customers. 



Sometimes a standard approach will work and is the most cost effective way to achieve a business goals. If that's the case, that's what we'll recommend. 

When a bespoke approach is needed, we have the skills and people to help you deliver. 

It's all about you, your team and your business. 


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