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IT Strategy & Guidance

Deliver your business goals efficiently with your systems

It's hard to know where to start. You have business objectives but the depth of systems to support these goals can be confusing and takes time to navigate. Full time IT Directors are expensive and your business may not need a Senior IT employee on a full time basis. 

The Challenge

"We need more people" is something we hear often in our own business. On the surface it seems to be true but, labour is becoming more and more expensive and good people are hard to find. There's often a system at a fraction of the cost that removes the need for adding expensive resources to your team. This applies to the day to day running of your business or achieving your growth plans. 


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The Solution

An IT Director only when you need one. Digital Solutions Global can help your business reduce costs, manage your risk, help you define and deliver an IT strategy that helps you deliver your business goals. 

No long terms contracts and there when you need them. 

Our Story

Decades of experience in leadership roles across multiple sectors. 

We have defined strategies, built teams, designed processes, developed systems and implemented across many sectors. 

On the large scale we are currently managing the worlds biggest retail divestiture on a long term project for Walmart that separates Asda from its systems. 

On a smaller scale we manage the systems for Forge Bakehouse including implementing new systems, maintaining existing systems and reducing costs. 


Virtual IT Director

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